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Spending the day with A League of eXtra-Ordinary Souls (ALXS2012)

July 29, 2012 by dzoul

This year’s event ALXS 2012 in Wadi Hussien, Taman Hana, Janda Baik, was set to be a platform for a new form of living. Syed Hussien Al-Attas as the founder of Al- Attas University of Life stated, “A super-human is someone who has a super-mind, who leaves a legacy behind.”.

“More than 80 participants attended our course over the weekend to extend their support. We are grateful, and we applaud the efforts of those involved into making our event nothing short of magnificent.” Mr. Omar Al-Attas, the Executive Officer of Al-Attas University of Life said.

This event is set mainly for those who seek to discover their inner-self. “Everyday we are surrounded by brilliant people who have no clue that they are brilliant. The mind set should be changed for a better future of the global population.” Mr Hussien, said. “ALXS aims to provide a holistic approach to discovering your true self, the proper alignment of values, and the education on life and living.” He said. The founder highlighted that “Your eyes know nothing. You have to see with your mind and your mind need knowledge!” “Our Future generations should be fully equipped with the right knowledge on how to live their lives without losing their focus on the things that truly count.” The founder of Al-Attas University of life said.


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