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August 14, 2012 by Easycrate Ltd

A smarter, more eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes
Traditionally, in the relocation and storage sector, the cardboard box dominated mainly because no-one was able to offer a better alternative. Easycrate Malaysia has come to the rescue, and now offers a range of strong, reusable plastic boxes which give you an easier, quicker and environmentally friendly way to transport and protect your items.
 As a growing Media corridor and technology producer, Malaysia has an obvious need for a strong and secure way to transport sensitive instruments, without getting them exposed to the humidity or monsoons that are so particular to the Malaysian climate. But it’s hard to do that without producing custom packaging – and what business wants that added expense in the struggling economy?
Add to that Malaysia’s commitment to reducing deforestation as a bid to boost their already impressive standing as 25th most environmentally conscious country in the world, and businesses are faced with a massive quandary when it comes to finding a product that does the job in a way that is seen as sufficiently “green”.

Enter an unlikely superhero, namely reusable plastic crates or plastic boxes. Agreed, the word plastic does seem a huge contradiction put together with words like ‘environmentally friendly’ or ‘green’ but when it comes to transporting your stuff, crates have a longer lifecycle than cardboard boxes, can be recycled which means less landfill and also reduces  deforestation as trees don’t need to be cut down to make the crates.

And most significantly, crates save money – companies such as Easycrate Malaysia hire out the crates, meaning that you don’t pay overheads or storage costs for the crates and because they get returned, you get to reduce your own packaging quota by up to 35%.

The obvious benefits that crates offer you leave only one question in your mind – when will you ditch the cardboard and embrace the future of packaging?

easycrate.jpgEasycrate Malaysia serves the whole of the Malaysian area providing crate hire and moving equipment both domestically and commercially. Easycrate Malaysia strives to provide a full range of services tailored to our individual clients needs.  For ongoing news visit

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